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Working Together & Toward the Future

In the midst of the Covid19 Pandemic, Standard Modern has partnered with two other companies combining our resources since February 7, 2020 producing and donating signage to hospitals such as South Coast Hospitals System, Boston Medical Center and Boston Public Health Commission for the importance of distancing awareness, area segregation, drive through testing and best hygiene practices.

Our embroidery operators and seamstresses have been producing 500 non-sterile face masks per day, and our finishing department has been producing 1500 face shields per day which have been donated to the MBTA, local police and fire departments, local businesses, YMCA, and homeless outreach agencies.

As an essential services business, we have been able to continue employment of 90% of our staff as well as the companies that we have partnered with to contribute to the community and produce orders for qualified clients.

All staff with the ability to work from home have been performing their regular daily tasks and completing online training programs during this time of reduced product sales, to improve our efficiencies when businesses return to normal levels and an expected surge in business. On site production staff, without the ability to work from home, have been diligent in adhering to strict safety programs that include wearing masks at all times, working six or more feet away from any other person with no more than 4 people in a department/area, utilizing a 3 person team per shift to sanitize surfaces continually throughout the day and night, providing personal hand sanitizers to each employee each day upon arrival as well as taking and recording their laser temperature reading. All employees are adhering to company mandated regulation that they return home immediately after work hours and complying to the government mandates to work from home.

Our remote working staff has been paid at 100% of their compensation, and the on site staff are being compensated at 110% of their compensation. Two individuals with compromised health issues have been paid at 80% of their compensation with all benefits covered by the company. In addition all benefits have been covered by the company for three furloughed employees

We have a been utilizing this time to reach out and speak with our clients and having the ability to be currently open has provided us the ability to perform services that they may not be able to receive elsewhere, such as signage for Stop and Shop and Trader Joe’s. Although they are current clients, these unfortunate times have given us the ability to demonstrate our expanded capabilities and service offerings, and both of those clients have strongly expressed their desire to increase business with our firm in the future.

We are also preparing to have the ability to be able to continue to donate materials to assist the community to adjust and move forward after this devastating situation. Our team and the teams of the other two companies, Reynolds DeWalt and Cranberry Print Marketing Partners are committed to this plan, and are working in collaboration to find a way to thank and honor our first responders and unsung heroes now and in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to present our processes and goals through this pandemic and our plans for the future and the new normal.

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